Hello. I am a Senior UX Designer and I am passionate about bringing people together to build better experiences.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I went to college on the East Coast to study Aerospace Engineering and found my way to design. In college, I found that I cared more about people than technology. I was more about what drove people nuts and how to fix it, then where to put the nuts and bolts. I wanted to learn how to alleviate the stress of the user, and let someone else focus on the stress of the system. Halfway through my junior year of college, I switched to Human Factors Engineering and never looked back. After college, I returned to the West Coast, and have been living and designing in the Portland area ever since.

I have over 10 years of experience designing mobile and desktop applications on both large and small teams. With my unique background of research and design, I have had the opportunity to perform extensive user research as well as full scale designs from start to finish. One of the things I am most passionate about is collaborating with others across a project. I enjoy working hand and hand with developers, pushing technical boundaries and working together to create the best solution technically possible. I love crafting a vision with product, to meet the needs of the customer, while still making a product delightful for the end user. But the most important aspect of my role is to be an advocate for the user, to make sure that their needs are designed for and that they are considered every step of the way.


UX Design, UI Design, Interaction Design, User Research, Product Design


Sketch, Axure, Figma, Abstract, InVision, UserZoom, Qualtrics