Employee Feedback Tool

Project Overview

This project involved the creation of a web application to facilitate the process of collecting feedback for an employee from management and the employee's peers. The application allows any employee to submit feedback for someone. Management has the ability to review any feedback for their employee before releasing the feedback. This feature allows management to remove any inappropriate comments or input. The goal of this application is to make it easier for management to collect feedback throughout the year for annual year-end reviews.

Role and Deliverables

I was the sole UX/UI Researcher and Designer for this project. I worked closely with the product owner to gather requirements. My activities included:

  • Requirements Gathering
  • Personas
  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes

User Research

I conducted user research through informal user interviews. I conducted interviews with company employees and managers. I asked company employees how they preferred to rate their peers and about their attitudes towards peer feedback for themselves. I asked managers about their process for gathering feedback for their employees. From this information I created 4 user personas: 3 employee personas and 1 manager persona.

Management View of Employee Reviews

One of the key features of the application is the ability for managers to review any feedback for their employee before releasing the feedback to the employee. This allows managers to remove any overly harsh wording or any information that may indicate who provided the feedback.

Mobile Design

The prototype also included a mobile version of the design, as managers and employees might want to access their feedback at any time. Another feature of the application allows users to send someone a request to provide feedback for them. In the application, every user has an inbox that archives their feedback; users can organize this content through creating tags.