Software Assessment Tool

Project Overview

This project involved the creation of a web application to aid Software Quality Engineers in their evaluation of software development teams. The Software Quality Engineers assess teams on various software development processes and practices, such as requirements engineering, change management, and the agile development process. Key features include the generation of score cards and tracking the process of an evaluation. I took over this project from the original designer and iteratively tested and re-designed the site to better fit the user's needs.

Role and Deliverables

I took over the project from another UX Designer. After that I worked closely with the product owner to evolve the design. My activities included:

  • Requirements Gathering
  • Usability Testing
  • Prototypes

Initial Scoring Summary Design

The image below shows the scoring summary page for the initial design, from this page the evaluators can see all the various practices that are being evaluated and access the scoring sheets. After conducting usability testing, the results revealed that this design involved too many clicks and did not give evaluators a good summary. This page did not tell evaluators how far along an evaluation was and how well the team being assessed was performing on the evaluation

Revised Scoring Summary Design

This is the scoring summary page of the revised design that I created with the results of the usability tests. Users indicated that they wanted a way to track overall progress and see a high level view of the scores. Improvements included:

Initial Scorecard Design

Evaluators use this page during evaluation interviews to ask questions, mark answers, and take notes. They may revisit this page after an evaluation to provide links to evidence or clean up notes for the final report. This design forced the users to enter scores on the main screen, but enter notes and documentation in popups. This design caused the user to have to constantly switch back and forth between screens.

Revised Scorecard Design

This is the scorecard page for a given practice of the revised design that I created with the results of the usability tests. During the usability tests, I discovered that users needed to be able to evaluate the question while taking notes during an evaluation interview, which was difficult with the previous design. Improvements included:

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